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AHR Pump

Product name: 1.5/1B Rubber
Type: HC-1.5/1B-AHR
Size: 1.5/1
Capacity: 10.8-25.2m3/h
Head: 7-52m
Allowable Max. Power: 15kw
Speed: 1400-3400r/min
NPSH: 2~4m
Product description
Metal or Rubber Liner
High Efficiency and excellent performance
Replacement for AH(R) Slurry Pump of Warmanbrand
The frame plate liners for AHR series pumps have replaceable wear-resistant rubber liners. The impellers are made of natural rubber liners.
AH(R) Centrifugal slurry pump
The centrifugal slurry pump utilises the centrifugal force generated by a rotating impeller to impart energy to the slurry in the same manner as clear liquid type centrifugal pumps.
Centrifugal slurry pumps need to consider impeller size and design, its ease of maintenance, the type of shaft seal to be used and the choice of the optimum materials. This is needed to withstand wear caused by the abrasive, erosive and often corrosive attack on the materials.
The centrifugal slurry pump must be designed to allow the passage of abrasive particles which can at time be extremely large. Slurry pumps therefore need much wider and heavier impellers to accommodate the passage of large particles.They must also be constructed in special materials to withstand the internal wear caused by the solids.

AH(R) series slurry pump structural
AH(R) slurry pumps are suitable for pumping slurry with hard particles and in high density in industrial sectors. They can also be applied multi-staged in series.
AH(R) pumps are those of cantilever, horizontal and centrifugal ones, whose shafts can be sealed by packing seals or by centrifugal type seals.The positions of the pump outlet can be positioned at an interval of 45°according to different requirements,so eight different angles can be applied by rotation in installation.

The type of AH(R) pumps are also using for handing strong abrasive, high density slurries and low density, high head slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments etc. It is suitable for the corrosive slurry usually. In some ore dressing, some bigger AH(R) series pump also would be used to transport the fine ore or tailings with weak abrasion.

No. Type AHR series rubber lining centrifugal slurry pump Impeller Diameter
Allowable Max. Power(kw) clean water performance
Capacity Head Speed
m3/h 1/s H(m)
1 HC-1.5/1B-AHR 15 10.8-25.2 3-7 7-52 1400-3400 35 2-4 152
2 HC-2/1.5B-AHR 15 25.2-54 7-15 5.5-41 1000-2600 50 2.5-5 178
3 HC-3/2C(D)-AHR 30 36-75.6 10-21 13-46 1300-2300 60 2-4 213
4 HC-4/3C-AHR 30 79.2-180 22-50 5-34.5 800-1800 59 3-5 245
5 HC-4/3D-AHR 60 39.6-129.6 11-36 15.2-35.3 1300-1800
6 HC-6/4D-AHR 60 144-324 40-90 12-45 800-1350 65 3-5 365
7 HC-6/4E-AHR 120 144-324 22-90 12-45 800-1350 4-7
8 HC-8/6E-AHR 120 97.2-684 27-19 5.9-50.9 400-1000
9 HC-12/10ST-AHR 560 720-1620 200-450 7-45 300-650 80 2.5-7.5 762
10 HC-14x12ST-AHR 560 1152-2520 320-700 13-44 300-500 79 3-8 965
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