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Hc-AH(R)Slurry Pump Parts
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Theory: Centrifugal Pump
Structure: Single-stage Pump
Material: Nature rubber or according to the customer
Working Pressure: High Pressure Pump
Interchangeable: Yes
Usage: Pump
Factory: Yes
Certificate: ISO9001: 2008,
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Feature: Wear Resistant, Anti-Corrosive
OEM: Available
Stock: Available
Product description

Slurry pump impeller can play an extremely important role in the operation of slurry pump. By rotating, it can help slurry pump meet the needs of the equipment.Centrifugal pumps need impeller to produce the centrifugal force which transfer the slurries. The centrifugal force is produced by the impeller which rotates to a certain speed.

1. Impeller Types
Closed or Shrouded

2. Impeller Advantages
1). The impeller are natural rubber lined, providing superior erosive resistance in fine particle slurry applications plus offer ease of impeller change-out, in order to reduce over all maintenance costs and maximize wear life.
2).The impeller has large and open passages and can transfer the slurry effectively, providing good dynamic and static balance to achieve little vibration and low noise in operation.
3). The open type impeller exhibits higher effectiveness and is less prone to wear in the front liner region.
4). Higher productivity, increased profitability and ease maintenance
5). Provide the best quality products with reasonable price and good after-sales service.
Material nature rubber :
3. Rubber slurry pump impeller
1). R08 is a black natural rubber, of low to medium hardness. R08 is used for impellers   where superior erosive resistance is required in fine particle slurry. The hardness of R08 makes it more resistant to both chunking wear and dilation (i.e.: expansion caused by centrifugal forces) as compared to R26. R08 is generally only used for impellers.
2). R26 is a black,   soft natural rubber. It has superior erosion resistance to all other    materials in fine particle slurry applications. The antioxidants and antidegradents used in R26 have been optimized to improve storage life and reduce degradation during use.    The high erosion resistance of R26 is provided by the combination of its high resilience,  high tensile strength and low Shore hardness.
3). Elastomer S12 is a synthetic rubber which is generally used in applications involving   fats, oils and waxes. S12 has moderate erosion resistance.
4. Impeller Description
Mainly used for metal, non-metallic mining, cement, dense medium coal preparation, power and other industrial and mining enterprises, is the center of the transmission of suspended particles of slurry pump parts, the product has reasonable structure, long service life, high efficiency, small design load, low power consumption, stable operation, easy installation and maintenance, etc.
A pump impeller having a central hub and circumferentially-spaced bottom vanes extending in a direction outwardly of the hub. An annular shroud surrounds the hub in outwardly-spaced relationship thereto and provides an impeller liquid inlet passage around the hub leading to the vanes. A permanent magnet motor rotor is mounted on the annular shroud. The rotor is used in a sump pump having an upper cylindrical filter that encloses a float switch for operating the pump motor.

5. Application
Impellers are designed for the most difficult pumping applications.
Extra sections at wear point and perfect impeller structure ensure satisfactory performance with long life.
Rubber linered pumps expand application to chemical products handling,several different rubber options are available to meet different application need.
Mill Discharge
Coarse sand
Coarse tailings
Phosphoric acid
Mineral concentrate
Heavy media
Fine tailings

6. Impeller  details

HC-AHR Slurry pump parts
Pump Type Part Name Part Code
HC-1.5/1B-AHR Impeller HC-B1052
HC-2/1.5B-AHR Impeller HC-B15127
HC-3/2C(D)-AHR Impeller HC-C2127
HC-4/3C(D)-AHR Impeller HC-D3147
HC-6/4D(E)-AHR Impeller HC-E4147R
HC-8/6E-AHR Impeller HC-F6147
HC-10/8F-AHR Impeller HC-F8147
HC-12/10ST-AHR Impeller HC-G10147
HC-14/12ST-AHR Impeller HC-G12147
HC-16/14TU-AHR Impeller HC-GAM14147

7. Packaging and Shipping

Wooden Package,or depending on the customer's requirement

8. FAQ

Q: Are you factory are trading company ?
A: We are a factory

Q: What is he material of your products?
A: They are made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, EPDM Rubber, Nitrile Rubber or any other as you required.

Q: How can I get some samples?
A: In order to get your trust,we can send you some free parts for your test

Q: How can you guarantee your quality?
We have got the ISO 9001 Centifications,Regarding the quality.Welcome to  inquire from us,we will give you the best price

If you are interested in any our product or have any questions, feel free to contact us, I'll send you reply as soon as possible, Hope we can build cooperation in the future.

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